Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 - Food for thought.

You may or may not know that I'm gluten intolerant, and that due to my vestibulitis I also try to follow a low oxalate diet. My husband has a problem with milk products, and claims he's "allergic" to onions to better avoid them; my son doesn't like mushrooms or cumin; none of us do very well with too much sugar.

And somehow we still manage to eat :).

I've noticed lately a sort of amusement I get from listening to others talk about the healthy food choices they're making. A client will be talking about making healthier food choices for herself, something along the lines of a spinach salad and broccoli, and I have to really separate the Coach from the Self for a minute to be able to celebrate her healthy choices with her (because, hey! good for her!) without thinking to myself, "Hahaha, sounds like death!" A friend will share a tasty, healthy recipe with me, full of pasta, canned tomatoes, onions and heavy whipping cream, and I smile to myself knowing very simply that this is a recipe that will never make it into our house.

We try our best not to make holiday dinners too complicated, honest.

I wondered the other day, though, in how many other areas of my life this same type of back-burner, personal-experience semi-judgment crops up. If I do things a different way than someone else, do I have that quick moment of personal judgment where I stop to think, "Actually, that sounds terrible... but good for you!" Or if something great happens that I would like to happen to me, do I have a moment of quasi-bitter, "Oh that must be nice..." before genuinely being able to celebrate something with the other person?

And if I do have that momentary self-comparison-judgment, is that okay? If I feel something less-than-ideal for a split second and then can still put it aside to celebrate with someone else, is the response, as long as it's still genuine, what really matters?

What do you do when you catch yourself in a moment of comparison with someone else?

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