Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I meant to do this last week, and didn't. I meant to do this sooner this week, and didn't. I finally got around to it briefly and at the last minute and now I want to find the time to do all of it all over again.

Lately I've been missing the School of Metaphysics.

My coach training group call last week had the topic of "transcending the ego," this week's topic (which I admit I am listening to them discuss right now) is "relationships." We did a great deal of talking about the ego, what it is, how it works for you, how it works against you, how to recognize it, all kinds of things, while I was at the School of Metaphysics, so knowing that "transcending the ego" was going to be our topic last week really made me want to get out my old SoM lessons and read up on the Ego stuff to refresh my memory, for one, and to give me more to offer the conversation as well. I never did. This week I wanted to do the same, as we learned a lot at SoM as well about relationships ("friendship" is the word used there most often) and what they can do for you and your own personal growth. I still didn't, until 7:26 this evening, in preparation for a 7:30 call. So I guess I was exaggerating when I said "last minute;" it was technically last four minutes.

I started skimming the lessons looking for the titles that could have what I was looking for, skimming through the lesson content a bit, and two things struck me. One: they are terribly new age hippie we are one with the universe cheezy, and Two: Wow, I miss the new age hippie it's okay to sound cheezy because we are one with the universe feeling I had when I was there.

I suddenly want to read all of the lessons again, one at a time the way they're meant to be read, to re-learn what I learned before, to refamiliarize myself with all of what I loved learning the first time, to remember all the deeper things I forgot I'd learned that got me prepared for the you create your own reality type of profession I am currently training in.

I've said the whole time I've been in coach training - multiple times, even, lots and lots and lots of times - how well the SoM prepared me for going into the coach training program. They both teach the same concepts, only differently, in different depths and from different angles. I feel - even when I can't remember the specific ideas - that I understand the training concepts better because I learned them somewhere else before. I feel like it gives me a greater understanding of the coaching process, because again, even if I can't remember the specifics, even if I can't put it into words, I just get it because it's not a new idea. I have felt so (and I never use this word) blessed that I had the SoM experience before I started training because it all just clicks so well. It all fits.

And, have I mentioned that I decided several weeks ago that the topic for my 10-20 page paper for my "independent project" is going to be Coaching and Metaphysics?

So of course it makes sense that the SoM director called me recently about a seminar coming up called The Power of Personal Connection, and of course it makes sense that the peer group topics have been those which would remind me of some SoM lessons. It's me creating my own world, laying my own path - creating opportunities in a variety of different ways for me to remind myself that, oh yeah, this all ties together withthe everything of everything, and that I have the opportunity to relearn the SoM stuff with the training knowledge I have now, and the opportunity to write out in 10-20 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, exactly how this all fits together and could give you (me) an amazing life to have the knowledge and therefore use of both schools of knowledge and sets of skills.

I mean, you know. Duh.