Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My kid.

This weekend, he started reading.


Last weekend, I realized that, since he knows his letters (we're still working on lower case, but he knows most of them), he could help me read the words "I" and "a".

Well, this weekend, I decided to try him out with two-letter words. The first one, "Oh," was easy enough, I figured. Two letters, one sound, the sound being that of the first letter. Not much different than "I" or "a". It was easy for him, so I asked if he wanted to learn another word, and he did. We went with "We." And from there we just kept adding more words, either when I felt like he was ready to, or when he would ask to learn a new word.

The grand total: I, a, oh, we, so, my, no, me, you, and, go. We tried "is" but he had a hard time with that one for some reason.

I am so proud of him! And he's proud of himself, too. Anytime he'd remember a new word, he would turn his head up at me and smile and we'd hug and it was fabulous. My son, my barely three-year-old son, is learning to read! Words! It makes me pretty much not wanna do anything else with him, lol. I definitely want to keep this up, as I know if I don't, it could be lost really easily. And if I do? He'll be reading One Fish Two Fish to me by the end of this year.

I'm thinking we can add in The Cat in the Hat, too, since there's much more word repetition in that book. One Fish Two Fish is pretty random.

And then I can make sight word flash cards and make a matching game with words and pictures and my child, he is fabulous.

It's so fun. It takes forever to get through a book, so we've had to adjust to only reading half a book or so at bedtimes, but it is so. fun. Reading through a book, pointing at the words as I'm reading them, stopping on the words he knows and letting him read them. The phrase, "Oh, me! Oh, my! Oh, me! Oh, my!" he can read all of, all by himself.

Proud mommy, right here.

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Hippie Housewife said...

Whoo, way to go, little boy! That's so neat! :)