Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi, Prince Charming!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for me to be a total musical nerd.

When I was in high school, my English class got an assignment to interview someone in the profession that we wanted to be in when we grew up and to write a paper about it. At the time, I wanted to be a stage actress. (My mom was trying to convince me to be an accountant.) I mentioned to my teacher that um, where do you just find a random professional stage performer? And she said that actually, Kim Crosby was in town; I could probably get ahold of her and do an interview.

Cue nervousness. Get ahold of an actual professional stage actress are you serious?! So I didn't. I don't remember who I actuallydid end up interviewing, but it wasn't a performer. Something lame and which I did also not become. Fast forward to college. One of my friends thought that her boyfriend and I would enjoy Into the Woods, so the three of us watched it together one day in her dorm room, and I loved it! Given that this was the age that anything I loved I, you know, really loved and became crazy obsessed with, I listened to the album a gajillion times and looked up all kinds of information on the actors and actresses to see what else they'd been in and found out that Cinderella was played by... Kim Crosby. Cue 11 years of kicking myself for not taking the chance to interview her while I was in high school.

Fast forward to recently. Into the Woods is playing in town, so basically the second they started advertising it my general reaction was OMG I HAVE TO GO SEE INTO THE WOODS I LOVE INTO THE WOODS OMG. And then they started advertising that Kim Crosby was going to portray The Baker's Wife and I was like, OMG INTO THE WOODS AND KIM CROSBY OMG WE HAVE TO GO OMG NO SRSLY WE HAVE TO GO. So being me, I kept dropping hints that the husband didn't pick up until I finally said something approximating, "Are you getting the THOUSAND hints I'm dropping? Get tickets!" And then he said, "Can we spare the $50 for tickets?" And I sighed and pouted and said something mature like, "FINE. NO. WHATEVER." Which of course meant that it was a go.

I have to give him credit here. He specifically wanted front row center balcony tickets, but the only show they were available for was the one that conflicted with an event I've been helping the School of Metaphysics put together. So, he told the lady that he really wanted those seats (I'm not sure exactly how this conversation went), and she actually called the people who had the tickets for those seats for the following night, and got them to move, so we could get the seats he wanted to get for me :D. WIN.

Fast forward to yesterday. My day-job supervisor has been working on next year's catalog, which I've been helping her proof. Yesterday, it was Theater. She made an offhand comment about how the department head had been trained in New York; I raised an eyebrow and said, "Trained in New York?" and she said, "Yeah, he was actually in the original Broadway cast of Into the Woods." PAUSE. WUT?! "Who?!" She turned the catalog page toward me so I could read the department chair's name, I Googled, and OMG YOU GUYS. Our Theater department chair was Prince Charming and the Wolf in the original Broadway cast of Into the Woods. OMG PRINCE CHARMING WORKS WHERE I WORK OMG AND THEN. She commented that, yeah, Kim Crosby is his wife, actually. I'M SORRY WUT?! Totally starstruck. I then related to her all of the stories I just typed out above this paragraph.

And then. As I was sitting there pondering the idea of camping his office and giggling, my supervisor announced that he was COMING TO OUR OFFICE TO DROP OFF SOME CATALOG CHANGES. She pulled me into the conversation casually to retell those stories again and you guys, I totally admitted to him that I was starstruck BECAUSE I TOTALLY WAS. He said that his wife definitely would've given the interview when I was in high school, because she's just like that, and heck, she still would, and I WAS GIGGLING ON THE INSIDE BECAUSE HELLO, I AM TALKING TO THE ORIGINAL BROADWAY PRINCE CHARMING (AND WOLF). I COULD STILL MEET KIM CROSBY AND STOP KICKING MY HIGH SCHOOL SELF. DO YOU GET THAT?

After he left the office, my supervisor apologized if she put me on the spot and I said, "No, that was awesome." Because it was.
So there you have it.

The awesome of my yesterday.

I met Prince Charming. Who married Cinderella.

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