Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22 - Hm, what?

Apparently all the lack-of-writing I had been doing in the months previous to November had left me with a backlog of mental back-burner ideas. To be more precise, about twenty of them. Now I kind of feel like I'm grasping at straws, trying to think of anything worthwhile to say. It's getting to be slim pickings now, topic-wise. Want to know anything about my cats? They meow a lot. Their names are Agent and Clockwork, and they are orange.

I am learning, though, that if I can somehow pull together a post nearly every day for 20ish days -- some good, some not as good -- that there is absolutely no reason I can't write regularly once or twice a week.

I'm sure the next 8 days' worth of posts will be another mix of some good, some not as good, and I do intend on completing NoJoMo. I also intend to write once or twice a week (I haven't decided yet) after November is over. Maybe having more than one day between thought processes will give me some better quality posts. Or maybe not. But maybe.

In the mean time: What would you like me to write about for the next week or so?

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Mom said...

Well, yesterday was Mom and Dad's anniversary, and the anniversary of JFK's assassination. Coincidences? I have one of my 2 young roosters in the oven....firsts? (My first chicken that I raised from an egg, first time I plucked a chicken, first time I roasted a chicken that I've raised myself.) Or what we can learn from our animals? Just suggestions.